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New ADHD resource articles by Call to Mind free to use

The journey through Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be a complex and challenging one, with individuals and their loved ones often seeking valuable resources to help manage and understand the condition better. With that in mind, our team Call to Mind has recently launched a host of new resources tailored to questions around ADHD —all for free.

The New Free Resources: A Detailed Dive Into ADHD

Here’s a look at what’s included in this newly released resources:

  1. Article: Adult ADHD: the basics →
  2. Article: How is ADHD diagnosed? →
  3. Article: Medications for ADHD: things to know →
  4. Article: Where to find information on ADHD →
  5. Article: Four key strategies for ADHD →Article: How we talk about ADHD (ADHD terminology) →
  6. Article: ADHD in women →
  7. Article: Common health problems faced by adults with ADHD →
  8. Article: How do ADHD medications work? →

Why These Resources Matter

ADHD affects millions of people globally, and it often comes with stigma, misunderstanding, and lack of adequate support. We hope with these professional resources we can help make a greater step towards accessibility and inclusivity, addressing the needs of individuals with ADHD and their support networks.