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What is an online clinic?

At HealthBright, we think getting mental healthcare should be straightforward (and not take forever), which is why we have Australia’s leading online psychology and psychiatry practices – or online clinics as we call them – in the one place, making things easier for everyone.

Easy, fast and convenient

Why online?

At HealthBright, we believe accessing mental healthcare should be straightforward and timely. That’s why we’ve brought together Australia’s top online psychology and psychiatry practices in one place.

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Online psychology

Affordable and convenient online psychology services for Medicare, NDIS, WorkCover and DVA from over 200 expert psychologists.

Online psychiatry

Call to Mind

A simple, supportive and tailored telemental health service that allows timely access to talented psychiatrists from anywhere in Australia.

healthbright employee assistance program

Employee Assistance Program


EAP without the fuss – simple, flexible and economical mental health support for your employees.

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Men's Mental Health


Evidence-based mental health treatment designed specifically for men and delivered online by specially trained psychologists.


Are you a GP?

Say goodbye to long wait lists and hello to quick and easy access to quality care.

Refer your patients effortlessly to our clinically approved psychologists and psychiatrists anywhere in Australia.