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HealthBright is a digital mental health provider that aims to improve access to mental health for all Australians.

What our clinics help with

Tackling increasing wait times

We get you connected, faster

Lengthy wait times exacerbate symptoms for Australians in need of mental health support. We’ve eliminated 3 month delays for psychologists and 6 month waitlists for psychiatrists by creating Australia’s largest online mental health hub. Our mission is clear: to offer accessible, affordable, and prompt mental health support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Improving outcomes for all Australians

Online therapy Vs in person

Online therapy brings many advantages compared to traditional face-to-face. Say goodbye to access issues, especially for those in remote areas. Plus, it opens up a world of choices for specialist treatment. And let’s not forget the added comfort of doing it all from a familiar space and at a time that’s convenient for busy lifestyles.

1 in 5 Australians 16-85 (20%) experience a mental illness in any year

In 2020-21, 3.4 million Australians aged 16-85 years (17%) saw a health professional for their mental health

Our Values


is our guiding force. We are empathetic and understanding.


is at the cornerstone of everything we do, weaving respect and trust into all interactions.


we refuse to settle for the status quo. We are driven to be proactive and focused on the best possible outcome.


we embrace new ideas, methods, and technology to advance mental healthcare.


grounded in active listening and constructive feedback, we collectively work towards our vision.


we support all Australians to engage actively and contribute to an open and welcoming community.


We are hiring!

In summary

We're for a brighter healthcare landscape

We’re committed to matching patients with mental health practitioners who can best support them towards a brighter future.

Charter of rights

At HealthBright we are committed to upholding and protecting everyone’s rights.

This Charter of Rights is designed to transparently communicate the principles and commitments we adhere to in order to ensure a safe, respectful, and empowering online environment for all users.
You can find more information about the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights here.
Our own Charter of Rights is located here.
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