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Immediate mental telehealth appointments at the touch of a button

It’s now easier than ever to refer your patients for online psychology and psychiatry appointments.

Why HealthBright?

Choose 200 AHPRA registered psychologists and psychiatrists

Immediate appointments are available

Affordable therapy for any budget, including bulk-billed

Australia-wide online appointments

How do I start referring?

Someone.healthAffordable psychology02 8367 5101team@someone.health1300 546 821
Call to MindPsychiatry03 9978 9099 0453
Online Psychologists AustraliaPersonalised psychology03 5947 450 431
MantleMens psychology07 3811 2924

1300 646 753

Frequently asked questions

Is it only online?

Yes. All HealthBright services are via video or phone. Patients can be located anywhere in Australia to access our accredited psychologists and psychiatrists. Appointments are available 7 days a week.

What are the wait times?

Psychologists: We have over 200 therapists with a broad range of specialities. Many have immediate availability – appointments can be confirmed within 24 hours of signup.

Psychiatrists have slightly longer wait times, depending on treatment, with averages of 1-3 weeks.